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Updated: Jan 11

Tanner helping Morgan land a fish on the South Platte
Tanner helping Morgan land a fish on the South Platte

As the first “official” blog post for Mop Fly Productions (MFP), we wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for being here. When we first talked about even dipping a toe into the content creation space, I was immediately swept into a whirlwind of fear and doubt, to be completely honest. The fly fishing world is flooded with a myriad of voices, each narrating their unique angling tales and hot takes. It just felt like we were behind the curve, voluntarily putting ourselves out there in a vulnerable position for attacks of criticism. 

But here’s the thing: while it can feel impossible to be original in this noisy world, no matter how many millions of people are posting their realities online, and how many outdoor adventure and fly tying videos and cool hero shots of big fish exist today, everyone has a story that’s worthwhile. Everyone has unique life experiences and knowledge to offer if they choose, which only adds to the rich tapestry of the shared human experience. 

Maybe our stories, tips, tricks, and ideas have been seen before. Maybe someone out there will freak out because our video on how to tie a mysis shrimp is the 87th they’ve seen, and they just. Can’t. Take it anymore! But also maybe, just maybe, someone stumbles across our content, and finds it to be even just the smallest bit useful. Maybe it inspires someone to finally pick up that fly rod they got for Christmas 5 years ago, head down to the river and give it a few casts. Maybe someone who’s been stuck on a complex fly pattern finally gets the sneaky workaround they’ve been looking everywhere for. Or maybe our content will just bring someone some smiles and entertainment for a few minutes. To me that makes it all worth it, and justifies us sharing our own stories and knowledge with others. 

Knowing that there’s an endless amount of content out there to explore, we can promise that it’s something we always keep in mind, and therefore we will always do our best to provide genuine, insightful content that hopefully resonates with you. We’re putting out content that we would want to see and learn from, not just content for the sake of it. 

We’re beyond excited (and, let’s be honest, still a bit terrified) to start this new journey, and we thank you once again for coming here to be a part of it. As we get started, we invite you to be part of the conversation. Share your thoughts, your own fish tales, and let us know what you’d like to see. MFP is not just our venture; it’s a community, and your input is invaluable. 

Here’s to stepping out of our comfort zones and into new adventures,

Tanner & Morgan

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